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A Gastronomic Journey Through Latin America

Come take a road trip with us on our Highway. Feast your eyes on a world of vibrant colors, tease your palate with new flavors, different spices, condiments, and herbs and get ready for an assault on all your senses and experience true Latin American Street food from different Latino countries where each dish is vying for your attention.

We promise you a great experience.

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Our Story

Our love for Latin American cuisine and in fact everything Latino stems from our extensive travels globally. We fell in love with the region, its people, culture, and traditions.

This said, Latin American street food became our passion and drive. Between Mexico in the north and Chile in the south, the flavors are as surprising and diverse as the prisms of a rainbow on a rainy day.

Highway Tres, Uno, Uno is the brainchild of this passion where we embark on a journey starting with Mexico the land of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations, passing through the seat of the Inca civilization, our beloved Peru, the capital of gastronomy and 1001 kind of ceviche, all the way to Amazonian Brazil and coastal Chile and everywhere in between.

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